Getting Into the Socks Fetish With a Used Sock Business

socks fetish

The socks fetish has been on the rise in recent years, with many people looking to nab worn socks online. This trend is causing many people to get into the business of selling used socks. Whether you are interested in pursuing this kink on a full-time basis or simply have some extra pairs of socks lying around that you don’t use anymore, this is a great way to make money!

The first step to getting into this sexy side hustle is to find a legitimate website that allows you to sell used socks online. These websites are often geared towards the sock fetish niche and can provide you with a safe place to sell your unused socks without exposing yourself to scammers or stalkers.

Using An Alias and Avoiding Personal Information

When you’re selling used socks online, it is important to keep your identity and personal life separate from your sock business. While it may be tempting to use your real name, doing so can lead to online stalkers and scammers trying to steal your hard-earned cash. This is why many sock sellers prefer to use an alias and hide their identity, even when conducting business in person or on social media.

Marketing Your Used Socks Fetish

While you can sell your used socks on any reputable website, promoting them is essential for getting noticed and attracting your ideal audience. A good place to start is on social media, where you can promote your website and connect with potential buyers.


Another popular strategy when selling used socks is to bundle together a selection of different pairs of used socks. For example, you might offer a bundle of thigh-high stockings, pantyhose, and gym socks for a discount price. This way, the buyer saves money and gets a variety of sexy-looking, deliciously smelling socks.


If you’re selling used socks that are scented, be sure to store them in a sealed container or bag before posting them for sale. This will help to preserve the smell and keep it fresher longer.

This is particularly important if you’re selling socks that have been recently washed and soiled. It’s also a good idea to label your packages, so that the buyer knows exactly what they’re buying.

Packaging is an essential part of a successful sock business, so be sure to take time and care in preparing your items for sale. This will ensure that you can give your customers the best experience possible and turn them into loyal customers.

You’ll need to invest in a good pair of packaging supplies, including bags and boxes. These can be purchased at most retailers, including Walmart and Target, for a reasonable price.

Be sure to label your package clearly so that the buyer can easily identify it and track it once they receive it. This will help to ensure that you don’t lose any of your profits from the sale!

It’s also a good idea to post a timeline of your selling process. This can be helpful for both you and the buyer as it will help to eliminate any questions or concerns they might have about what happened to your items. This will also make it easier for them to understand how they can contact you directly if they have any questions about their purchase.